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Maybe you should do a drip line mechanism.

Drape netting or fleece over plants from late winter onwards to give developing buds some protection against frost and also birds.

Dec 18, How to Prune a Gooseberry Bush. Before pruning gooseberries, wear some thick leather gloves and sterilize your pruning shears with rubbing alcohol. Prune out any dead or damaged branches on 1- 2- or 3-year limbs. Prune the branches out to. Jun 19, Prune to a bud that faces upwards. An upward-facing bud will help the plant grow up toward sunlight before the weight of the fruit begins to pull it down. The natural tendency of the gooseberry is to be a bit sprawling and droopy; you want to counteract that.

Cutting vertical growth will promote lateral growth%(50). Pruning Tips. Each spring, prune away weak and crowding branches, leaving only several shoots from each year’s growth. Prune off all 3-year-old branches to make room for more fruitful, younger branches.

Gooseberries produce best on 1-year wood.

Branches that produced the preceding year should be removed. Pruning – Gooseberries fruit on ‘old’ wood which means that fruit will form on branches that are up to 5 years old. Pruning is done in winter and fruiting branches should be cut back by about ½ each year. Gradually as the bush ages any old non productive branches should be removed and the new vigorous wood will develop. BACK. Wairere Nursery. The gooseberry is one of those plants which only gets better and better with age.

Words: Ben Gaia The old people always seem to grow top prize-winning gooseberries. My year-old neighbour Kate used to entreat me to see her hydrangeas, large seedling avocado trees, and finally her prize gooseberries. They were small bushes, carefully tended, horribly thorny, but. Prune as a small bush or small tree (by single leadering then to open-vase shape).

The fruit being borne on the lateral spurs, and on the shoots of the last year, it is the usual practice to shorten the side branches in the winter, before the buds begin to expand; some reduce the longer leading shoots at the same time, while others prefer to nip off the ends of these in the summer.

Dec 01, Spur pruning gooseberries involves cutting back one-year-old side branches to within 6cm of their base in spring, and shortening the leaders or main branches by a quarter. This method produces a.