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The wisteria has never flowered, but seems to have leafed out fine every year.

May 17, When do you prune wisteria? You will want to prune wisteria in midwinter and again in the summer time. In the summer, pruning your wisteria should be done about two months after it flowers.

When it comes to how to trim a wisteria, you first should recognize that regular wisteria trimming should be done to control growth and encourage more flowers. You cut the season’s current shoots back. Oct 24, Use pruning shears to cut the long shoots down until only 2 to 3 buds are left on each one, then snip off the whip-like water shoots. Avoid pruning again until late summer, right after the wisteria finishes flowering.

Cut the shoots down to 6 inches, leaving 5 to 6 leaves on each shoot, and get rid of any root suckers you see%(10). If the vine grows too vigorously, feel free to give it another haircut, though not as short as the winter one.

Don't be surprised to see a few flowers open afterward. Watch out for suckers growing near the base of the trunk. They like to slither along the ground like snakes until they find something to grab. Cut Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins. Undertake the first pruning in summer, after wisteria finishes blooming. The plant's tendrils should be cut back to four to six leaves from the main stem.

Removing vigorous vines redirects energy. Trim wisteria approximately one month after flowering. Leave one strong leader on each main lateral to increase length.

Cut all other side shoots just past the sixth or seventh leaf. This cut. Pruning Wisteria in Summer. Wait until the flowers are all spent and then cut back the twirling green ends of the stems. This is the current season's growth and needs to be cut back to just five or six leaves. Remove the spent flower stems unless you want the pods for an ornamental effect. Jul 08, Step 1.

Use secateurs to cut back all the long shoots that have been produced during the late spring and early summer. Make the cut just beyond the second or third bud from the base. Green, leafy summer prunings from wisteria can be added to the compost heap where they’ll rot down quickly. Cut the vine back severely right after planting. Then, the next year, cut the main stem or stems back to 3 feet of the previous season’s growth.

Once the framework is full size, shorten further extension growth in midsummer to where growth began for that season. Get more tips for pruning wisteria. Do I cut back the pods on my wisteria to promote growth or flowers.? cut them off and it will grow and produce more blossoms. Reply:The pods on your wisteria will NOT effect flowers (the flowers have already turned into seeds in the pod).

Wisteria only blooms ONCE each year - in spring.